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Spruce @ Phoenix Park

Spruce is probably a familar name to many of us. An established dining venue for Weekend Brunch for both locals and foreign expatriates, we arrived at Phoenix Park to find the restaurant to be surrounded by greenery. As we shuffled our lazy feet across the boardwalk, we began to discover several groups hanging around the dining venue’s entrance, waiting for tables to be available.

I was quite annoyed when I discovered that they had lost my reservations but thankfully, they ushered us to our seats in an instance. We were amazed at the overwhelming response that Spruce received and I believe it did heighten our expectations of the restaurant.

Al-fresco dining is also available at Spruce. As we thought that the area was really crowded with many of their patrons, it would ruin the laid-back and relaxing experience (which could have been possible) that we were looking forward to. The interior of the restaurant appeared to be rather simplistic though there was still a cosy and fuzzy feeling which seemed to have been derived from the slight similarity to a dining room of an apartment. The significance of the counter was its display of the many pastries and sugared desserts that might be just too appealing for one with a hungry stomach.

Spruce Eggs Benny ($15.00)

The Spruce Eggs Benny was a delight to us. Although I would have preferred the Poached Eggs to be a little more runny, I liked the traditional accompaniments of Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce. In addition, the Corn Waffle was lightly crisped, which in my opinion, enhanced the gastronomical pleasure as derived from the dish.

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fika @ Beach Road

fika was first introduced to me as one of the few European restaurants serving Halal dishes. A rather prominent and noticeable dining venue at the corner of Arab Street and located along Beach Road, fika has been considerably distinguished within the local scene as a restaurant that serves Swedish Halal food.

Situated at a convenient location as compared to her neighbouring competitors, I had found fika Cafe to be one of the more eye- catching and appealing dining venues around the area. Al-fresco dining was available though I would prefer to be seated in the restaurant’s interior; which was decked in a coat of white. The use of wooden furniture and low hanging lamps contributed to a homely feel that reminded me to that of a cabin. There was this cosy and warm feel around the setting which made me feel really relaxed and comfortable.

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E-Sarn Thai Corner @ Upper Thomson Road

Located along the highly concentrated food haven that is Upper Thomson, E-Sarn Thai Corner is one of the numerous outlets in the E-Sarn group. And recently as you might have noticed, I have been trying many Thai places. I wonder is it just me or are Singaporeans in general really into Thai food these days. As it is, I am going to allow my tummy a hiatus from the stinging spiciness of Thai food.

Catering primarily to families living around the area and the occasional large crowd, E-Sarn was pretty crowded the evening we were there. Sparsely designed and in an open, airy space, this unpretentious place where people come looking for good authentic Thai food.

Clear Tom Yum Soup (Seafood) $13.50

Don’t be fooled by it demure clear appearance, this seafood Tom Yum soup packs a significant punch. This clear soup hit my tastebuds with a searing spiciness that was deliciously tangy. Coupled with the fragrant lemongrass and Thai lime juice, the soup was a heady combination of spicy and sour. Personally, I felt this was one of the best Tom Yum soups I have tried recently as it was light and fragrant, yet spicy enough to be considered authentically Thai.

Mango Salad – $15.50

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Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar @ Portsdown Road

Following a long and winding stretch and passing by various lodges, my friend, E and I arrived at Wessex Village Square to be greeted by none other than Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar. I had suggested the visit since it had been a long time since I have had Chocolate desserts (E is more of a dark chocolate fan) and like many others, I was really looking forward to have Laurent’s all so- tempting Chocolate Souffle. As we reached our destination, I found the cafe to be bathed in the orange glow of the afternoon Sun, a seemingly appealing venue for our Weekend afternoon tea.


Rattan chairs were situated near the entrance of Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar, alongside a fenced division from the greenery. The fine ambience had eventually caused E and I to opt for the al-fresco dining area to enjoy a bit of the afternoon Sun, the greenery and the comfortable looking seats provided for the patrons.

I thought that there was a certain European touch to the interior of the cafe; a rather warm and homely feel about the setting which must have arisen due to the exquisite furniture, the careful selection of decor and the wooden flooring. Upon stepping into the cafe, the venue had somewhat left me with an impression that is a little similar to that of an English cottage. Apart from the display of pastries available for the day, one could actually catch a glimpse of the pastry chefs at work, from the glass panels located ride beside the bar.

Chocolate Truffle ($7.80)

Spoilt for choice, we decided to get their Chocolate Truffle as recommended. The creation was well-layered with rich chocolate fudge, which did wonders with the dense sponge cake and the huge serving of dessert was made even better by the lusciously smooth ganache. Chocolate-y in every way and definitely a treat in every aspect, I would opine that the Chocolate Truffle cake is definitely worth the order.

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Keisuke Tokyo @ Parco Marina Bay

It has been quite some time since Bryan and I had a meal together and as such, both of us decided to satisfy my cravings for fine and authentic Ramen. Situated away from the rows of shops in Millenia Walk and well-nestled within Parco Marina Bay (which is still within the entire same building itself), we got slightly lost while trying to locate Keisuke Tokyo, a Ramen eatery which is just as established as her fellow competitors in the local scene.

The venue was a little quiet and empty, considering that Bryan and I arrived at the restaurant around noon. There was a certain modernistic touch to the setting, with the arrangement of stylish- looking furniture around the area and a few paintings on the side wall. I noted that besides the low hanging lamps, spotlights were also used to shine on the tables and paintings as well.

Yaki Gyoza (5 pieces for $5.00)

Definitely the few better Pan-fried dumplings I have had, the skin of the dumpling was a little more thick than most of the other Gyozas in the local dining scene and there was a subtle sweet taste to it. Encased within the dumpling, the pork filling was sufficient enough for both the bite and gastronomical pleasure. I would opine that the Yaki Gyoza was a delectable side- dish to accompany our main Ramen creations.

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The Moomba Tuckshop @ Bank of China Building

An extension of the Moomba Restaurant located along Circular Road, I have been trying to find time on one of my weekday afternoons to patronise this particular Aussie joint for her sandwiches.  Acclaimed as the Winner of Singapore’s Best Sandwich in the CNNGo’s Best Eats 2010 Awards and featured in Time Out Magazine as Singapore’s top sandwich deli, the Moomba Tuckshop offers an extensive selection of exquisite gourmet sandwiches.

It was a bright afternoon and it was apparent to us that the beams of sun ray shone through the glass windows of the venue, causing the deli to be bathed in a yellowish- white glow. Other than the neat arrangement of tables, chairs, benches and tall stools, I thought that the touch of white in the cafe, provided for a favorable setting for the sandwich deli. Small and simple, the Moomba Tuckshop seems to offer an ideal spot for my family to indulge in a fuss-free session of fine sandwiches.

Seafood ($9.00)

Lusciously stuffed with blue swimmer crabmeat, I thought that the creation was indeed a fine recommendation from the team behind The Moomba Tuckshop. I noted that the original vim of the highlight stood out on its own and unlike many of the common sandwiches out there (the sauce or dressings contribute more towards the overall flavor of the creation), it was not overwhelemed by the avaocado mayo, marinated wakame and tobiko. Moreover, the hint of subtle sweetness from the Walnut bread was distinctly brought out by its warmth.

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